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Blog whore.
06.11.05 (8:40 pm)   [edit]

Congratulations. You have just been promoted to blog whore! *dons on party hat*

^ Yay!!! :{P Haha! Aye aye, blogging is just so fun. Writing crap is just so fun XD!

06.11.05 (8:33 pm)   [edit]
I used to have this idea that those who lived in USA must be very contended, happy people. They have whatever they wanted and they're rich. Well, they can buy whatever they wanted, can't they? Arnold Schwarzeneggar  (don't ask me how I managed to spell that) once said he gave his daughters $100 every morning and when they come back from school, he'll give them another $100 again. O_O He is so wasting! xD No, I'm not some money-obssessed freak. I'm actually happy to be poor :P riding a bus around town is so much more fun that sitting in a car, seriously :P Anyway, yea, back on topic *cough*, I too used to wish I'm living in UK or USA, anywhere but here :{) But now, I'm just glad I'm HERE. Because it proves that USA people have more probs than anywhere else O_O You know it, I know it, we all know it. No offense. UK is still alright :wink: Reason for this post? Click Group Hug. Sometimes I really don't get it why is THAT so important? It's just how God made us and it's supposed to be natural and beautiful. Well, not all of us thinks the same, lol. :)

So, on with the next event!
06.11.05 (8:16 pm)   [edit]

Decided to read back the entries in my old blog ... and wow, I'm funny =|

1. Copy this whole list into your journal.
2. Bold the things that are true about you.
3. Anything you don't bold is false.

01. When I was younger I made some bad decisions.
02. I don't watch much TV these days.
03. I love psychodelic mushrooms.
04. I love sleeping.
05. I have loads of books.
06. I once slept in a toilet.
(purposely, I might add -.-)
07. I love playing video games. (never like games, much less videos')
08. I adore marijuana.
09. I watch porn movies.
10. I watch them with my father.
11. I like sharks.
12. I love spiders.
13. I was born without hair and I still have no hair.
14. I like George Bush.
15. People are cool..
16. I have changed a lot mentally over the last year..
17. I have jacuzzi and a Porsche.
18. I have a lot to learn..
19. I carry my knife everywhere with myself.
20. I'm really really smart.
21. I've never broken someone's bones..
22.I have a secret..

23. I hate snow.
25. Punk rock rules..
26. I hate Bill Gates!
27. I love Chinese food..
28. I would hate to be famous.
29. I am not a morning person..
(I'm a night owl :P)
30. I wear glasses.
31. I don't need glasses, except sunglasses..
32. I have potential.
33. I'm pure Japanese..
34. My legs are two different sizes.
35. I have a twin. (Does evil twin count?) =|
36. I wear a padded bra. Yes..yes thats why my breasts look bigger
37. I can ramble on about absolutely nothing.. (!!! *spasm of coughs*)
38. I'm left-handed..
39. I hate llamas, but I'm one of them. (My friends are Llamas =| I'm Emu.)
40. I don't like horror movies.
41. I suck at climbing, but I love it anyway..
42. People hate me usually..
43. I love pop music..
44. I hardly ever go to bed before midnight..
45. I hate parking fines.
46. I know the National Anthem of my country by heart. (I have been singing it every Monday during school assemblies ever since I started school.)
47. I know more than two languages...
48. I spend too much time on my computer..

49. I often want to throw out the computer in a window...
50. I live on a ground floor.
51. I don't like chocolate.
52. I'd like to be more original.
53. I've lied.

54. Cocks are my favorite birds.
55. I want to conquer the world.
56. I wonder what happens when you die..
57. I've read all books about Harry Potter. (!!!)
58. Eat your dog!
59. I love to exercise.
60. I hate chemistry
61. I love to write..
62. I like changes.

63. I hate going to class.
64. I am afraid to die.
65. I hate dish washing.
66. My hair is long, brown, and incredibly curly.
67. My nails are nine inch long.
68. My favorite color is black..
69. I like to sleep on the floor..
70. I am hopeless at cooking. (Bahahaha!)
71. I sucked my thumb when I was little..
72. I should be doing something else rather than writing this.
73. I am online a lot.
74. I hate government.
75. I don't have a boyfriend. (lmao)
76. I'm too nice for my own good.
77. I love to read.
78. I don't trust newspapers.
79. I like debating.
80. I live in a lagoon.
81. I clean my room once a month.. (gag)
82. I'm scared of american fast food.
83. I am prying open my third eye.
84. I love Mozambique.
85. I don't trust any religion.
86. I used to play with barbies. (I used to want to play with them ... but it all changed when I saw the remains of a Barbie which Angie had had once when we were around 5 yrs old. It's head was ripped off -.- I'd prefer to think that she and her friends were curious about what's underneath the head ...)
87. I wanted to be a super hero when I was little..
88. I like listening to wind chimes. (It's said that wind chimes attract ghosts :P)

89. I'm very disorganized..
90. My hair is long and straight.
91. I earn a lot.
92. I don't like spicy food.
93. I keep a diary..
94. I can't do cartwheels.
95. I am very lazy.

96. I'm sarcastic.
97. I think my hair is annoying. (It's not how I want it to be :()
98. I am very sensitive. (not "very")
99. I love being abnormal.
100. My left eye is violet and my right eye is a light blue. (Used to fantasize about having diff colored contacts once :P)

06.09.05 (7:18 pm)   [edit]
:{| --> He has grown a moustache O_O

06.09.05 (6:49 pm)   [edit]

[Again, from our weird convo ... this time Horsy/Snowie's invited]

Dobby says: *clobers emu*
Lenny says: *dies*
Lenny says: poor emu
Dobby says: cpr!
Dobby says: *cpr*
Lenny says: omg, nooo!!
Dobby says: breathe darn you1
Lenny says: *dies*
Dobby says: !*
Lenny says: *dead*
Dobby says: I SAID BREATHE!
Lenny says: *still dead*
Dobby says: CLEAR!
Dobby says: cpr, come on!
Dobby says: BREATH!
Lenny says: *3 minutes over, you're a lousy cprer*
Dobby says: fine then..avada kavara!
Lenny says: opmfg
Dobby says: XD
Snowie says: ...I missed something...

06.09.05 (5:26 pm)   [edit]

Please wait a minimum of 10 seconds to post a new blog. Thank you.


Twinkle, twinkle little pig, how I wonder what you are, up the above the sea so deep, like a mince pie in the sky ... :|

ETA: I've just been enrolled in this *secretsecrethushhushsecrethushsecret* cult. Can't remember what it's called o.o Dobby came out with it and the words all are clashed together like mashed potatoes. :|

ETA2: The first part of the mashed-potatoes name is "specs." and we couldn't figure out what it's supposed to be. Out of the momentary silence of the convo, my malfunctioned brain came out with "Smee, Please Eeyore that Cookie Snatcher."

ETA3: I'm now a three-headed kitty, stalking Dobby. -.- Omg, I need sleep! God knows what else will come out later if I don't sleep now XD

06.09.05 (5:20 pm)   [edit]

06.09.05 (5:14 pm)   [edit]

Made another new friend in Tibia ^.^ Otto's real cool.

I won "Looniest" award again XD!!!! OMFG, lol! Even though I've been expecting it, it still makes me want to jump madly on my bed XD. YEEEEE! Well, sorta a disappointment for me. It would be to you too, if you'd snagged 5 awards last time and only got 1 this time ... because the Prefects think it's not fair to the others O_O

Dueling Club is being mini-revamped ... well :P

10 voted on the poll >.< *crosses fingers and hope she doesn't win because she really didn't deserve it* I've half-abandoned my RP Class :P and while all the others had their class abandoned by the students, mine is by the teacher herself -.- And yes, I still haven't posted a single post in the Ootp forums :P I'm so lazy to RP!!!! :!:

Not sure what bug I caught now but everything in Tibia is funny one way or other :| Oh my. It's funny that I got Dobby addicted to it, HAHAHAHA. And oh yeah, Emily's playing in Tibia too, just in another world ... still dunno what's her char name 'cos I forgot to ask. Anywho, James too has another char on another world, which is lvl 45 O_O;;;

:| is so comely, whee. :| :|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|||||||||:::::|:|:||

Dobby, Tzippi and me are talking now ... and :| Dobby thinks I'm on caffeine because I keep using :|-smiley. BUT :| IS SO COMELY!!! And oh no, the llama has got me :| Dobby the Llama ate me :(

Omg, I still remember the insane 15 ppl "cross-gender" convo we all once had -.- Girls became HP guys and guys became HP girls. It was mega hilarious! Fred (me) and Harry (Aelia) stalked Madam Rosmerta (Jon) and fought with each other for her *smacks Harry's butt* -.- Then there was the Naked Quidditch (courtesy of this fic where all the Gryffie players had to play naked against Slytherin due to a dumb dare which the Twins lost) but it was stopped before going too far, lol. XD Everyone's like, "I think we should stop now ... O_O" But me and Steve became really POTW-ish and gone all, *caress Steve's cheeks and electrocutes them* *leans in closer to her ... and sent 3 deathballs down her throat* XD!!! The good (and crazy) ol' days.

Ugh, sore throat sucks big time :( especially when it's also itchy and full of weird shits inside.

Omg, ahhhhhhh ... *goes on Yahoo! Messenger and bothers Mr. Bot* :|

Gonnabe gonnabe ... and still gonnabe.
06.07.05 (4:15 pm)   [edit]
I have a sudden craving for curries ... XD! And for chicken rice. Omfg, I'm hungry!

Blogging whore gonnabe.
06.07.05 (3:50 pm)   [edit]

XD! For once I have a passable title. Well. Dammit, I forgot what I wanted to say. Oh yeah, oh wait. OH YEAH! I like to pronounce "omg" as Ohmigod (aka Ohmeegod), instead of Ohmygod :P Might be the same to yer but not the same to me.

ETA: And gonnabe is so much better than wannabe xD!

ETA2: MSN conversation with Aria, friend of Diana's, goes like this:

Never give out your password or credit card number in an instant message conversation.
Anything but ordinary. says:
I'm singin' in the rain (um) says:

Anything but ordinary. says:

Anything but ordinary. says:
I'm singin' in the rain (um) says:


ETA3: I DO wonder what will Nick say if he ever reads my blog =|

ETA4: I logged from Tibia because it's too quiet in there without Nick and Dobby :( And I can't stand silence. I love noise and I'm more comfortable in a place that's noisy, lol ... that's another reason why I stayed back in school for 5 hours every weekday ... XD. *bothers Snowy*

ETA5: Never give out your password or credit card number in an instant message conversation.
Anything but ordinary. says:
[Abandoned Picture] Lost forever in a dusty drawer says:
Anything but ordinary. says:
Anything but ordinary. says:
a! a! a!!!!
[Abandoned Picture] Lost forever in a dusty drawer says:
Anything but ordinary. says:
:( a
[Abandoned Picture] Lost forever in a dusty drawer says:
Anything but ordinary. says:
a :(


06.07.05 (3:44 pm)   [edit]

WHAT THE HELL?!@?!?!? I've just been nominated for omg what is it again? "Who do you think should be the Phoenix of the Month for May?" OH MY GOD! I hadn't even been active in there for a week! And the Ootp Leaders choose YOU instead of having ppl nominate you and stuff! OMG. ME? ME? ME?!??!?! They chose me as one of the three nominators! I'm against Chris and Tia, and I bet Chris will win out. He's more active than me, rofl. 7 ppl had voted on the poll :S EEeee. As for the poll for April, I'm gonna vote for Shauna because ... she's a training whore XD. OMG, I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE I'M NOMINATED! To tell the fecking truth, I suck at Ootp vs. TDE xD But yeah, I've improved and all this powers is helping me loads :-P Omg ... if I win ... no, I won't. But IF! IF! Omg, stfu, Lenny! Right, voted for Chris. I have never been able to vote for myself ... except this once during Gryffie Awards last time when I voted myself as "Most Interesting RP Character" because it's the truth! I can't believe either that Hilde got it ... does reading books on a sunny day makes you interesting? O_O Errrr ... but I bet you I'll get "Looniest Award" -.- Got it last time, lol.

Omg, I'm nominated ...

And I realised I have mixed up the "items" and "prophecies" in my profile o.O Well, wtf.

Omg, frigging ouch. I picked at my thumb again and owwies~! :(

As for the Ootp Welcoming Committee, Shauna's example of a "welcoming post" looks like an essay that took up my whole screen O_O Omg ... if it's mine, it'll take up to only 5 or 6 lines. But I'm already Leader of Gryffindor Welcoming Committee (never thought of wanting to be part of it, but even you would have no choice when everyone votes for you O_O That's mostly because I'm the "oldest" Gryffindor in there, lol ... -.- Omg, unfair.) and shh, don't tell anyone, but I've been slacking in my duties, BWAHAHAHA! :|

"What happened to the good old days when we change threads like we change underwears??" "What do you say if we all head over to Gryffindor Table and destroy it?" "And the reason I'm not paragraphing my post is because it's messier this way, whee." --> These were found in my OOC post xD Omg, I must have been real hyper.

06.07.05 (2:40 pm)   [edit]

Nick's offline, sleeping. I stayed up again -.- Oh the screen is hurting my eyes. And it's daylight, finally! I want breakfast, lol ... whee.

I have a tendency to speak my mind and Mum often said, "One day you're going to be clubbed to death." I hate smokers because the smoke stinks! Betcha they have bad breaths before they started smoking and the disgusting habit is a way to "disguise" the crap smells. Ok, I'm making myself sick. Anyway, yeah, whenever I smell those crap, I'll start fake sneezing and coughing. The smell really stinks!!! OMFG. I used to wave my hands in the air but after numerous scoldings from Mum, I changed tactics, lmao. Eww.

I have 3 active blog places ^.^ out of 10? First is here, 2nd is my LJ, 3rd is the book on my desk. Sometimes I wonder if Nick had searched for me online ;P I hope he won't! It's really easy to search for me. I did once, and all 180 links led to me, rofl! Except one link which is about some character, not person, lol. Whee, my name is unique XD. I wonder too if I should put a password to my blog, just in case some ppl decide to search o.o This blog is a secret, actually. I "accidentally" let known my old one and had to abandon it. Ok, now I'm really feeling sick O_O AHHH!!!

ETA: I love the song "Mr. Brightside" // The Killers and "These Words" // Natasha Beddingfield. :D

06.05.05 (5:10 pm)   [edit]

Omfg! I'm so fucking BORED! Nick's off, I'm not in the mood to force myself to post in HC, only 10 out of 100 are on in MSN, WTF! And now I'm bugging Snewy and Aly xD. OMG, SOMEBODY TALK TO MEEEE!! Even those stupid games couldn't help me -.- I want to go home :(

ETA: Note to self: No chocs when you're hungry or bored! UGH! I can't get on Tibia because this sucka won't let me download anything. Guess I'll hafta go play Yahoo Graffiti -.- omg, someone shoot me.

Whee, somebody hugged me xD!~

06.05.05 (1:21 pm)   [edit]
I'm sleepy xD. It's 5.44am. Misses HC :P

06.04.05 (7:12 am)   [edit]

Spent the whole of yesterday sleeping and taking meds :( Mum said I need to rest. Ugh. It got really boring and I nearly start scribbling the wall just for the fun of it -.- Lol, omg, like Autumn said, I have enough personality for two xD! At HC, I'm hyper, random, funny, and crazy. The last bit was what everyone said about me in the "First impression" thread. Almost every post about me was "what can I say about her? She's crazy!" xD! At Tibia, I'm this clumsy, careless, adventurous, funny, random noob xD. Lol, I just love being me :P

oh. DEAR. -_-
06.02.05 (5:00 pm)   [edit]

My aunt (who lives barely 50km away) just gave birth to a baby girl and I had to hear it from my cousin (who lives 300+km down south in Singapore) ... god, lol. James was all, "Eh? You didn't know?" which was what I'd honestly expected and waited for him to say. Well, I still love my old partner-in-crime xD. Angela too didn't know the baby girl's name ... and me Granny is at my aunt's now (I think) ... don't think I can pop over to visit them, bleh.

Angie thinks HC is boring :O Wtfwthiwwh?! LOL! Oh my, let's not go there.

I'm talking to Chris and his friends o.o He is on crack.

I want to watch Star Wars! Anakin! AHHH!! ... yellow eyes are comely o.O

Wheee, ok, xD I'm feeling all bloggy again, better stop or I'll fill the whole screen with crap, lol.

ETA: No wonder Chris is on crack. This is the OTHER Chris O_O Omg, no wonder. HC Chris never was on crack. Funny, but still sane =|

And on Tibia, somebody just gave me a brass leg ... all I was trying to do is sell a bp of HMMs o.O He ran off ...

Tibia O_O
05.27.05 (4:50 am)   [edit]
Nick bought me Premium acct O_O xD No idea why but whee, I'm not gonna get PK that much anymore! :lol: He's the best player there and the coolest guy ever! ... you know what this means, don't you? I'll have to play Tibia for the next 3 months :| Can't wait to see Darashia! HEEHEE! *GLOMPS*

Dead again.
05.22.05 (10:16 am)   [edit]

Gaaahh, I died again in Tibia. I wonder when will Nick start murdering me about me dying so many times. He'd been so darn patient about it. Maybe I should stop playing it. Obviously I'm not meant to do anything.

And as if it's not enough, my creative juice is seeping out of my brain *sticks duct tapes on various part of head* Once I get the holes holed up, I'm gonna get back to HC and RP.

05.21.05 (8:43 am)   [edit]

My oldest HC best friend says I'm the best and means it. I love the fact that I've been there for her when she needs me. I helped. I'm happy. I love her. :-)

It feels great.

05.21.05 (5:32 am)   [edit]
I feel so terrible. This is the 7th time I've died. I don't want to tell this to Nick because I'm sure he'll be mad at me. He'd been really really patient and had given me about 6 ropes, 2 helmets, 5 spades (?), and loads of his precious time. God. Maybe I should start again and be a sorceror ... I SHOULD HAVE BEEN A SORCEROR! :( Evil lions!!!

05.21.05 (3:08 am)   [edit]

I'm so tired of my life. I feel half-dead all the time and just so tired of everything. Today, I spent the whole day re-read books for the 100th time and with one ear open for the radio. Straight for 5 hours. There's absolutely nothing else for me to do. I can't go out, I can't go downstairs, I can only stay at my room. The TV's dead since forever, everything's so fucking dead.

Mum is so insensitive and deaf.

Waiter: "Drinks?"
Mum: "One Coke and one mineral water."
W: "Small?"
M: "A Coke and a mineral water."
W: "Small?"
ME: "He's talking about the mineral water."
M: "One-"
W: "Yes, Coke and mineral water-"
M: "Coke and mi- ..."
W: "You want a SMALL mineral water, right?"
M: "Yes."
[Waiter walks away]
M: "He was poking at the air with one finger as he talked."
ME: "You were deaf."

I hate me :( I hate this. I need something for me to be excited about. If only I ... can open that little door on my ceiling.

05.13.05 (9:33 pm)   [edit]

Now this is ridiculous and silly ... but why do I feel so sad all of a sudden?

I miss my HC friends and I want to go home.

05.10.05 (7:11 am)   [edit]

Saturday ...
05.08.05 (11:16 am)   [edit]

... was terrible. Embarassing. Impossible. Sleepy. I can't say it because it's too unbelievable, and you'll be so disgusted you will never think the same of me, ever. But here's the keywords: Saturday, overnight, uniform, can't go home, wedding, Subang Parade, Dome, MPH bookstore, so many eyes, smells, hides, digital photography, bag, books, not night yet, McDonald's, falling asleep, back to bookstore, fell asleep again, ... my reputation is now GONE. The very last shred of it. All the others had been stripped by other terrible stuff. Thanks to Mum.

Man, I hate Mother's Day. It's so frustrating and annoying.

Anyway, I'm gonna miss school again tomorrow. I know it. Bad, bad, Mum. I'm not going to be accepted by other schools, I'm going to be a society trash when I grow up, I'm going to die. I'm scared.

Went to my LJ again. My layout is terrible (that terrible word again) and I can't create my own background because I dunno the size (loser), so I ended up making a banner of Marge Dursley instead. Loser much? Not enough? Everything in my home is basically trash. The house, everything. Everything is either cannot be used or is going to die soon. Nobody is allowed to visit it. It's terrible. EVERYTHING I OWN IS DYING! Everything I have. My health, myself, my ... everything. "They" are against Mum all because they don't understand what we have been going through. Terrible things. The only reason we're still alive is because of Mum. Her and her determination. You want to know about my life? WE are a pair of walking and talking weirdos. Freaks.

But she'd found love of her life :-) and he's cheering her up loads. He's dying too and she's trying to save him. Mum reckoned his best friend and her's are doing bad things to him. He sounds weird to me too, lol, uhhhhhh.

Anyway, Jason Mraz still rocks.

Buzz off?
05.06.05 (7:14 am)   [edit]

I'm finally back on here and I have no idea why I'm so pissed. Wait. I DO have some things I'm pissing on.

- Madam "Train". That bitch kept dropping hints about me not going to graduate due to my absence total. Yea well, I'm not completely at fault, you know? Hey, if I actually have THAT THING, my life would be sorted out so well you'll drop dead on the floor. But that's not all apparently. She had to keep ranting to the front-rows - Doreen, Sabrina, Y.C ... and unofficially me as I'm sitting beside Y.C, and farthest away from her ... - about how our monitor is slacking in her duty, which is recording down the class attendance. LIKE SHE'S SMACKING AT FLIES RIGHT NOW?! Ann must have been buried under duties given by other teachers! We were all, "I think Ann is very busy ..." "I'm sure Ann is now very busy ..." etc etc, but the stupid "Train" still thinks that Ann is lazing around. I raised my hand then and said, "What about Jason? He's the assistant and he's quite free ..." to which smart-ass "Train" replied, "Yes! Yes, I know!" and turned away O_O It was so stupidly hilarious, I couldn't laugh at all. And then, since her class was in the morning, I fell asleep. It's not as if she's actually teaching. Even though I'm "asleep", my ears are still open and I DISTINCTLY HEARD her going, "Sigh, look at this girl. Sleeping in my class!" Well, guess how I must feel! ARGH, BITCH! That bitchy bitch is bitching on me. I lifted my head immediately from my arm and tried my best to look as though I'm not sleepy, which I'm happy to say I failed. WELL, obviously I have to do something so I decided to revise my Biology as next week are the exams, plus she's not exactly teaching or anything. We were free to do whatever we want. "Train" came and stopped in front of me as I knew she would, but I didn't raise my head to look at her. "Eh ... now is Maths time, why are you doing Bio?" She half-laughed in this "God-can-you-be-more-stupider?"-tone that all of us HATES. Like she's a genius! PAH! I looked up at her finally and actually rolled my eyes at her in my "You-must-be-kidding-me"-way. Then she suddenly went all, "Oh, time is nearly up anyway ..." and turned away to 'touch-up' the end of the 'lesson' before she leaves. That woman has minor case of ADHD, I'm sure of it. She jumps about here and there while teaching, she writes fucking fast, resulting in a boardful of wild grasses, and she can be Dolores Umbridge with her "half-laugh" part :evil:

- What else am I pissed at? HC. I'm mad because it's half-dead. I'm furious at why Luna Lovegood isn't in BPW, when her character obviously is going to be of importance in the plot. I'm so mad because I can't start my RP Class now. I'm angry because, because ... I FEEL SO SLOW!!! *slaps head hard* God, just go away!

- Now, I'm mad at that woman because she just said 4 words. Because I'm a bitch, that's why. I'm angry at myself, in this case. I hate me!

- Next, I'm angry because, because is not on. Because is off right now and I want to talk to because so badly it's pathetic.

- I'm mad because I really don't want to resign from my moddy status, yet I WANT to resign! I want back my old life in HC!!

- Right. And now I'm friggin' mad because - i'm in a fucking embarassing situation - i have to get off soon and i haven't finish ranting. i'm angry because i hate YOU. I hate you! I'm furious now because i feel like a dumbass and high school sucks. Period.

ETA: The only good thing that came out from my fucking mess that goes the same cycle every-fucking-day is the library. It's my sanctuary. I can do whatever I want and feel good about it. Madam Sang likes me and treats me like a pet. Miss Ron is a lamb and never scolds ... unless you count later when she raised her voice at a boy because he was using the library printer to print his stuff and wasting the ink ... but then, she still changed back from tiger to lamb again when the boy quickly said, "I'LL PAY FOR IT??" :P

Anywho, Sang and Ron had to go out of the library and they left me in charge of it until they were back :D I was doing 4 things at once and was extremely happy about it ... but 15 minutes later, I abandoned them all and went to play "Pinball" at the compy, to try and break the high score of the previously mentioned printer-boy, who broke all 5 of mine -_-; and I had to break his, hadn't I? Well, I did, actually, after numerous F2's and lots of cursings ^.^ It's quite hard to get over 3 million points when you haven't play the game for half a year. The highscore now is over 4 million and the name is: "LSH (Boo yah!)" BWAHAHAHA! :twisted:

But after that I was at the canteen again, staying back as usual. Didn't see "Train" because I purposely wait until 3.30pm - the time when she had gone off - before I go down to the canteen. Anyway, printer-boy - younger than me by 2 years - entertained me with his cheerful talks. At first sight, you'll see this small, skinny, nerdy, geeky boy in a cap. But when he talks, you'll see the intelligent and cheeky eyes :wink: Then, when I told him I want to take some pics, he followed to see what pics I had in mind. CLOUDS, DUH! Ha! They were most beautiful in the evenings. Well, printer-boy thinks I'd lost a wire somewhere in my head but that's alright. I'm sure I did, hehe. Oh yeah, it occurred to me that I never know printer-boy's name o.O; But then, I never care for names.


I am me. Know me to know me.

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